Bistro Maxine – Finding Paris in Palo Alto


Paris influence has come to Palo Alto, in the form of “Bistro Maxine”. Their slogan in the menu is “Find Paris in Palo Alto”. So what do you get? Crepes! We tried their savory crepe called Maxine (we thought this Crepe should live up to name right?) and the standard sweet Banana and Nutella crepe. Maxine is an egg, spinach, mushrooms, swiss cheese crepe. Overall, the food is pretty standard crepe. Now, there are two interesting parts. First, the location, Palo Alto is a nice place to have a change of environment and you can take a walk afterwards. Second, the price is not that expensive, certainly cheaper than other crepe places like crepevine.



Bistro Maxine
548 Ramona St
Palo Alto, CA 94301
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