Pancho Villa Taqueria


When you are in San Mateo, the choice is pretty obvious, it’s time for Pancho Villa Taqueria! We ordered Combo Dinner #3, which is Quesadillas Shrimp and Steak for $11. Note that even though the menu says it’s Steak, it actually means meat, so you still need to choose your own meat (chicken, steak, pork, etc2). The food came out to be pretty decent, especially the shrimp was so yummy. Note that they only give you a little of chips, you have to pay more to get more chips. Money saving tip: since the portion is big enough, you can actually share the food for two.

Pacho Villa Taqueria
365 S B St
San Mateo, CA 94401
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New TLT BBQ in San Mateo


San Mateo is famous with changing restaurants every year or two, probably because of the high rent? Anyway, we tried the newly open TLT BBQ in San Mateo (TLT BBQ has another branch in East Bay, Newark). They serve Chinese style skewers and actually tasted pretty good. The charcoal/burnt smell of a-choy (Vegetable A) and chickenmeat skewers are some of the things you should try. You might compare this with┬áthe other yakitori style place in San Mateo (Yakitori Kokko); they certainly have different styles and this place has better value in terms of goodness per dollar. We spent about $11.50 per person, including tax and tips and we were pretty full. Another thing, it might be better if you come with someone that can speak Chinese because it’s easier to communicate.

35 E 3rd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
Recommended dishes: Vegetable-A, Chicken Kabob
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